Thank you ever so much for taking the time today to hunt for the perfect gift for yourself; The ultimate expression of ecstatic sensual affection. Perhaps I can embody this favor. Regardless of whether I am the femme for you, the simple act of beginning your search for a faithful feminine counterpart to lavish you in luscious adoration is an achievement in itself. Though not yet having met, it proves to us both that you cherish and respect yourself enough to reach out for a loving hand to join you on your journey of fulfillment, fantasy, exploration and ecstasy! This alone is further than many will go to ask for support in nurturing their minds, bodies and spirits.

     Nothing excites me more than coming together to break through generations of learned repression by holding space for one another to leap into the vulnerable and explosive opening that is intimacy. By creating a safe, sexy environment of trust, lust and unconditional love, we can reconnect with the exhilarating essence of who we truly are and what we truly desire.

     It is so thrilling to me that while adventuring into a play date of pleasure, passion and sacred sensuality, we can simultaneously take part in such important work for ourselves and the world.


Come fly with me!!!


All my love,

            ~Ella Lalita